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Thanasis Tsarouchas Graphic Designer Web Designer Freelancer

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Thanasis Tsarouchas

Web & Graphic Designer

Experienced web and graphic designer. Skilled in branding & identity, typography, packaging design, advertising, image manipulation, video editing, website design & development. Born and raised in Volos city in Greece. Lover of geometric and minimal design.

My hobbies? Photography, literature, movies, cycling, traveling, cooking, board games, video games, aquariums... Need more?

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Graphic Design

Branding, Logo, Business Cards, Posters, Flyers, Packaging, Labeling, Banners etc.

Web Design

Design and development of dynamic or static website for your business, your office etc.

Printing Services

I cooperate with professional printing companies giving you the best printing results.

Technical Support

Upgrades, format, repairs, maintenance, computer cleaning, hardware etc.

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+30 695 522 4971

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